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+ 5 notes 2 years ago 1058pm
#me #oneinamellion
+ 7 notes 2 years ago 1015pm
mel-born (@mellodramatica) & marshmello (Me)
This was the only photo I have from today (stolen from @mellodramatica). Our year 12 cardigans arrived today, they seem more like bomber jackets though haha. We both ordered XXXS but it’s still quite long/too big, for a lot of other people too D: We had to fold the bottom bit up, idk what’s with Reform’s sizes :|
Since I had to move my hair to the side I’ve just noticed that we look pretty similar from the back o_o
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+ 15 notes 2 years ago 0857pm
Whenever I buy snacks to keep at home so I can eat them “whenever I might feel like it”

Expectation: I will ration my supply of snacks and it will last at least a week or more
Reality: Devour entire supply of snacks on day of purchase

These two bags of lollies/chocolates will be gone in no time, just you wait. Should not be snacking so much but studying makes me hungry and half price snacks are too cheap to ignore so.. T.T
#noselfcontrol :(
+ 8 notes 2 years ago 0944pm
Milk tea from Desert Story yay :)
How is it so colddddd it’s only meant to be autumn skdjvnsdkvnsd :(
+ 9 notes 2 years ago 1012pm
Ahahahaa I feel like a kid still.
Nearly every night my mum still cuts fruit for me to eat (yeah that’s kinda my fault.. she knows that unless she shoves fruit right in front of me I won’t eat it as often as I’m meant to OTL) and she still uses those kiddy bowls and cutlery I used to use when I was little. You can see the ABC123 writing on the fork HAHAH
Oh yeah, Happy Mothers Day :)
+ 5 notes 2 years ago 0925pm